Truly Stuck

You know you have a WoW addiction issues where after securing a bed to sleep on and clothes to make it into work the next day, your next priority becomes getting internet set up!

I am away most weekends doing stuff IRL, but I pop in and check on stuff. The last couple of weeks have been spotty at best with kid aggro and packing duties.

I am ready to get back into the full raid schedule and see some of the new content we are into.

We have been doing lots of daily heroics and the Headless Horsemen try for the mount, but after that and just regular GM duties I am ready for bed.

It has also been nice to use Facebook as a guild communication tool and easier to host pictures and share information. Thanks to Moon for setting it up and keeping it fresh!

We have some exciting things coming up, and I cannot wait! See you in game.

After Party

I was talking with iJustLost the other day about the interviews I am conducting to grow the team we are building at the new job and he compared it to how we run the guild. Running a guild is a lot like running a business. I cannot thank enough the people that help make the Boondock Saints what they have become.

We had our guild meeting and promoted a lot of people. Pala and Poison are now are newest officers. It has been a real pleasure to get e-mails from people recommending others for promotion and highlighting the hard work everyone has put into crafting and getting everyone geared. I think I am the only one that is still slacking by only having one 80. Most people are already on their second or third 80 and a lot have two dungeon geared toons that they can switch on to run things.

We had wanted to take a couple of Horde bosses down for alts and people that have not completed it, but ran into a group that was questing on the path to Orgrimar. Sure enough when we showed up there were Horde already waiting. We quickly got out of there and split up on groups to run the daily heroic. We will have to get the bosses down some other time when there are no people sounding the alarm bells, or just talk to the other guild and show up with more people.

It was a nice guild meeting, we had to upgrade our vent to a 35 person because we ran out of slots. This week we were able to run 25 mans and we are going to start our new raid schedule this week. We are doing a lot better than I could have ever imagined and it is all thanks to the people that are part of our guild. It is nice to have people around that understand that being part of a guild is a privilege! Its awesome to farm together and have flasks, fish feasts, gems, enchants and now even drums as something the guild can provide because everyone pitches in!

A little summary of the points covered last night.

* Be polite and respectful. No putting down of people for race, religion, political affiliation, dps, lack of move out of the fire skill.
* Use our vent channels. We have created more and just talk to one of the officers for passwords or to create additional channels.
* Talk to your officers about scheduling events. We have Halloween coming up as well as world PvP.
* Use your user note to let us know if you are making a push to level your profession. We will help you get it to 450.
* We now have 2 capped enchanters with all the recepies and Moondust very close to getting the all for JC. Get all your gear enchanted and gemmed prior to raids.

Congratulations to everyone on the promotions! (Fotos in the Facebook Group and later on the website!)

TBC Raids – The Battle for Mount Hyjal

The Battle for Mount Hyjal (achievement)

Last night I came in at the tail end of this achievement run put together by Mr Froto and Sal. For a 70 level instance with a group of about 20 level 80s it was still tricky.

The last fight has your standard get out of the fire goodness, but it also has a launch into the air part to it. You are given an item that allows you to slow fall but it is only effective right before you are about to hit the ground. Hit it to early and you are still a pancake. It took us an extra try, but after we all tried the whole jumping and hitting the special item it was a lot simpler.

Almost everyone in the guild got the The Battle for Mount Hyjal achievement, but I am sure that we will have to have an alt run soon. We will also need to do a For The Alliance clean up so all alts have their bear. I think almost everyone’s main now has dragons from timed CoS, now we need to start getting everyone’s alts the same.

We got Froto Yes We Do

One of the coolest cats on our server just joined the BoondockSaints. It came at just the perfect time also because we needed to push for a couple of new raid leaders and he is probably one that we can learn from the most.

Froto is a pro at pugging stuff, and when you pug stuff you learn a lot. You learn to deal with personalities and class mixes that probably are not adequate but you make it work.

He had been chilling in a small guild with some of his friend and now he and his lady are running with us in a official way. Froto had been filling up our ranks when we needed DPS or heals.

Froto and Mime are both great hunters and that output awesome DPS and they will help our progression. In the second night they were on they took a group to EoE which I have never even set foot into!

I have been running H ToC with some of my RL friends that are now 80 and having a blast. I am hoping this week we get 5 or 6 raids going since we now have more people that can lead. I am excited that I am not running any of the raids and I can simply be a participant.

We are also starting our PvP teams and I will sneak in as an alternate and maybe learn something. I will be purchasing the PvP set with all the conquest badges that I don’t have use for anymore and see if I can actually do any good as an arms warrior.

Hardcore Raiders

While my history with WoW seems to have begun just when an ex-coworker finally got me to try the game, it actually begins while living back in Michigan. It was the time of The Shaolin Drunks clan who played together BF1942 games as well as counter strike. Michigan gamers are a pretty cool group and the ones that I enjoyed the most are still keeping each other entertained and even some of them I keep up with on facebook.

Most of them are not just serious gamers, but actually pretty talented at the games. They also taught me a lot about community building and how to treat people with respect while allowing them to pick up the skills to pwn at a game. During that time of FPS madness and forum wars that even a flame suit could not keep you safe from the community started to lose people to WoW. I say lose because while Xfire did allow us to harrass them while they played, their time was all consumed and they could not be bothered with climbing the ladders of the tournaments anymore.

Some of them are still play WoW and I actually been talking with one of them recently. His guild found a way to use a glitch in the game to repeat the direbrew quest over and over. Mounts and shankers rained from the sky until WoW caught up with them and removed the items. I am more on the side of not exploiting the game and not buying gold to power level yourself because I think it takes away from the enjoyment of the game, but I don’t judge them because I know they have fun. They all take their punishment without too much complaint and move on. I do blame this kind of behaviour on the hardcore raider mentality.

Hardcore Raiders are actually pretty lazy players. They rest on their knowledge of the game and while they tell everyone else to go read and watch videos of fights most of them never do. They have figured out the basic mechanics of the game and can get along with having figured out fights in pre-expansion WoW and can now come in and play an expansion for a couple of months and see all the content available. Then they get bored and quit playing.

I have had the opportunity to play with some of the top players on my server. Not sure about the top DPS people because most of the people in our guild are doing over 3K DPS and we have some that easily hit 5K in raids. When it comes to tanking and healing in our server Curan, Citronelle, Wabaam and Imten are some of the best players I have been around. They are all friends but they burn through content with their skills and are bored while everyone else gets geared enough to do the fights with them.

It would be awesome to have them all in the guild at the same time and be able to progress at their pace, but in reality the same issue would be true when they get through it. They would get bored and go on hiatus until new content comes around. We do appreciate the help and knowledge they have given us along with the opportunity to gear up players but our core players make our guild as strong as it is now.

We have added some top PvP people that incidently are just amazing at PvE. I am hoping we can get a solid PvP group and be able to learn from their skills. I still have not explored the PvP capabilities of my warrior and I am looking forward to that.

Everyone plays this game for their own enjoyment and while it is very social for most, some people just want to rescue the princes and move on. Having a Xbox now makes me see that this is where hardcore gaming starts go get very achievement driven. Some of the people in my friend list have beat what seems all the games in a blockbuster and they just burn through content like my wife burns through books. Different strokes for different folks, but I will probably not get to that point because I like enjoying things at a slower pace and not a fan of the wam bam thank you mam!