Is that a plane? Is that a drake?

No its Logtar still flying on that bird!

The last 5 times that I went into timed CoS I was sure I was going to walk out of there with a drake. The roll gods have not smiled upon me, but the good news is that I have helped 4 guildies obtain a drake! The only one that burned a little was in a run that someone else put together with some pugs, and the person that won the roll I had outdpsed. I am looking forward to the drake picture, and there is talk of a everyone buying a goat for whatever reason, I am sure it will be hilarious.

So in the last couple of weeks it seems like the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for our guild. We now have enough people on every night to run 25 mans by ourselves. We are still working a little bit on our raiding skills as an overall group, but I am happy to say that we are not carrying anyone, everyone is pulling their weight and more. We have 5 bruisers competting to break the 4K DPS mark. Its funny to see how they can just compete and call a win on a heroic by doing 3072 over 3000. I love it, they have fun, they compete in a very good way. Even the mage we sometimes lose to the horde side came out to show her DPS once again, I don’t think even the new 80s are under 2K.

Our healers are not staying behind, and our newest druids who claimed to have no skills are making running things as Theo put it, easy modes. That and we have our original healer back from her summer hiatus.

Our tanking corps grew quite a bit with some of DKs picking up enough gear to be tanks, not only that but Hon and I both have backups now. Its great not to have to be the only tank available but appreciated when I can always get in a group. We have at least one group pwn H ToC every night and it seems like 3 other groups are farming heroics every night. Heck even morning play picks up once in a while and I was able to get 10 badges in less than an hour.

Old Kingdom is now on farm, and Oculus stands as the only wall for me to get the Norther Heroic Raid achievement.

This weekend we also put together events that I did not run at all, but was merely a happy participant. We have a pretty excellent group of officers that are keeping the bank stocked and people in check.

I am happy to say that we have reached a level of membership that we all feel comfortable with and we are probably not going to grow much besides bringing friends into the guild. The progression is going a lot faster than we had expected originally thanks to some experienced players picking up the game again and raiding with us, as well as the new additions. We are raiding, we are farming, but overall we are having more fun than we ever did before.

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