Guild Meeting Notes

From our last Guild Meeting as typed by Moon :)

Guild Meeting Notes

Our guild had a great turn out for the guild meeting last week. We appreciate everyone that took the time to come to the meeting. Thank you for adding thought and ideas to better our guild and relationships.

We now have a face book group please join us if you can it is a great way to share info about guild, see everyone’s real face, post ideas, hints, tips, links to help every one and in game screen shots.

— Message Logtar (John Guzman) or Moondust (Ann Crouse Northrup) for an invite.

Last night we had our first Guild Help Day

We formed 2 raid groups

1 for high level miners
2 for high level herbalist.

We mined ore, gems, high level herbs , high level fish (fish feast) , skinned.
Farmed Regular TOC for epics disenchant for mats.

A couple people even used their honor points to buy the new high level gems for guild use.

We ended up with a bunch of soranite ore — for arrows, bullets, blacksmith,
Titanium prospected into gems, and titanium dust to use for jc patterns
Herbs used for potions
Skins used for Heavy borean Armor kits for guildies and to sell a few on AH for profit for the guild.
Fish used for fish feasts

Please share any ideas you have or thoughts about the Guild Help Day Event!

This will be a recurring event once a month for about an hour. Which is a pretty short amount of time to help give back to the guild for everyone’s benefit.

Guild Promotions

(Remember to be promoted you have to be at the Guild Meeting)

Sarimram (Sal) was promoted to Smecker after all of his work leading and helping other members in the guild

Thanks Sal – you have been a wonderful leader and helped sooo many people run raids as well as farm for mats, and help others level. Great job.


For all that they have done to help with the guild and they have blended In very nicely with our guild. We appreciate each of you and helping our guild to grow and work as a big family. – thank you

Gohd — thanks for being a nice new addition to our guild. We have enjoyed getting to know you and starting to run raids with you.

We had another very special Promotion last night after the Guild Help Day

Bluearcher — Blue joined us right as we formed the BoondockSaints.

Blue has helped with creating potions, helped farm for mats to dc and has always been very friendly and willing to run raids when we need dps or any other help. – Thanks Blue

In other Guild News!

We also started a New low level guild last night Strudelicious

This guild is simply a part of the bigger one so everyone is welcome to have a character in there. It was created because we have too many people wanting to contribute mats and we needed more bank space. Now we have room for our low level mats.
— Just ask in guild chat and we will get you invited.

***Remember we have a chat channel to use for our friends and especially when you are playing a character not in the main guild, like when you are playing your low levels, simply type /join saints — please visit our guild website, and check out our new RAID SCHEDULE!

Thank you everyone for your time.

Logtar, Star and Moon

(typos by Moon)

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