Last year I was in Colombia when the Brewfest was going on, so I did not know any of the quest or what getting the Brewmaster achievement entailed. I was on early in the morning the other day and got a jump on all the fun right after Pirate’s day. The quests are pretty straight forward and require only enough patience to actually read the instructions. I am only a couple achievements away from getting everything related to this holiday which seems easier than any of the other ones.

Razorscale One Shoted on the first try!

Our Ulduar group is progressing nicely with getting 5 bosses down on their first try, almost all of them being one shots. We have grown to a pretty healthy size and now have enough tanks to have 4 heroic farming groups going in a good night. We are still trying to balance raiding with casualness but I think we have found a happy medium.

Bluearcher has a KODO now, and we are all pretty jealous. That has to be one of the coolest mounts an alliance can have!

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