Last year I was in Colombia when the Brewfest was going on, so I did not know any of the quest or what getting the Brewmaster achievement entailed. I was on early in the morning the other day and got a jump on all the fun right after Pirate’s day. The quests are pretty straight forward and require only enough patience to actually read the instructions. I am only a couple achievements away from getting everything related to this holiday which seems easier than any of the other ones.

Razorscale One Shoted on the first try!

Our Ulduar group is progressing nicely with getting 5 bosses down on their first try, almost all of them being one shots. We have grown to a pretty healthy size and now have enough tanks to have 4 heroic farming groups going in a good night. We are still trying to balance raiding with casualness but I think we have found a happy medium.

Bluearcher has a KODO now, and we are all pretty jealous. That has to be one of the coolest mounts an alliance can have!


“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.”
Jim Rohn

I think the biggest challenge a leader faces is, “Will things run just as smooth when I am not leading?” That has been my primary goal as a leader of the BoondockSaints. It takes real leadership to ask for help, delegate and recognize your shortcomings. I am lucky enough to have several people that step up when I am not there to lead a raid or to solve an issue.

The most important thing about making something work smoothly when you are not there, its to make sure that the group shares your vision. As a group of friends playing WoW our vision has been ever changing and right now it is going in various directions. People might think that the majority of the guild wanting to create horde characters to level was a challenge, but it has been nothing but fun. We were still able to run a raid the minute we wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of the people we needed switching to their alliance 80s. We raided a lot one week, then this week has been nothing but heroics and mount farming. I am sure next week it will be something else, but we all just pull together and do fun things in game.

I love the fact that we have done so much in such a short period of time. I could not do it without the support of my officers and the hard work they are putting into it all. I say 90% of us have bear mounts now, and a big group has the Timed CoS drake. So while being a leader is great, having good people around you to help you out makes it tons easier. I appreciate everyone, and lets keep on having fun!

Guild Meeting Notes

From our last Guild Meeting as typed by Moon 🙂

Guild Meeting Notes

Our guild had a great turn out for the guild meeting last week. We appreciate everyone that took the time to come to the meeting. Thank you for adding thought and ideas to better our guild and relationships.

We now have a face book group please join us if you can it is a great way to share info about guild, see everyone’s real face, post ideas, hints, tips, links to help every one and in game screen shots.

— Message Logtar (John Guzman) or Moondust (Ann Crouse Northrup) for an invite.

Last night we had our first Guild Help Day

We formed 2 raid groups

1 for high level miners
2 for high level herbalist.

We mined ore, gems, high level herbs , high level fish (fish feast) , skinned.
Farmed Regular TOC for epics disenchant for mats.

A couple people even used their honor points to buy the new high level gems for guild use.

We ended up with a bunch of soranite ore — for arrows, bullets, blacksmith,
Titanium prospected into gems, and titanium dust to use for jc patterns
Herbs used for potions
Skins used for Heavy borean Armor kits for guildies and to sell a few on AH for profit for the guild.
Fish used for fish feasts

Please share any ideas you have or thoughts about the Guild Help Day Event!

This will be a recurring event once a month for about an hour. Which is a pretty short amount of time to help give back to the guild for everyone’s benefit.

Guild Promotions

(Remember to be promoted you have to be at the Guild Meeting)

Sarimram (Sal) was promoted to Smecker after all of his work leading and helping other members in the guild

Thanks Sal – you have been a wonderful leader and helped sooo many people run raids as well as farm for mats, and help others level. Great job.


For all that they have done to help with the guild and they have blended In very nicely with our guild. We appreciate each of you and helping our guild to grow and work as a big family. – thank you

Gohd — thanks for being a nice new addition to our guild. We have enjoyed getting to know you and starting to run raids with you.

We had another very special Promotion last night after the Guild Help Day

Bluearcher — Blue joined us right as we formed the BoondockSaints.

Blue has helped with creating potions, helped farm for mats to dc and has always been very friendly and willing to run raids when we need dps or any other help. – Thanks Blue

In other Guild News!

We also started a New low level guild last night Strudelicious

This guild is simply a part of the bigger one so everyone is welcome to have a character in there. It was created because we have too many people wanting to contribute mats and we needed more bank space. Now we have room for our low level mats.
— Just ask in guild chat and we will get you invited.

***Remember we have a chat channel to use for our friends and especially when you are playing a character not in the main guild, like when you are playing your low levels, simply type /join saints — please visit our guild website, and check out our new RAID SCHEDULE!

Thank you everyone for your time.

Logtar, Star and Moon

(typos by Moon)

Is that a plane? Is that a drake?

No its Logtar still flying on that bird!

The last 5 times that I went into timed CoS I was sure I was going to walk out of there with a drake. The roll gods have not smiled upon me, but the good news is that I have helped 4 guildies obtain a drake! The only one that burned a little was in a run that someone else put together with some pugs, and the person that won the roll I had outdpsed. I am looking forward to the drake picture, and there is talk of a everyone buying a goat for whatever reason, I am sure it will be hilarious.

So in the last couple of weeks it seems like the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for our guild. We now have enough people on every night to run 25 mans by ourselves. We are still working a little bit on our raiding skills as an overall group, but I am happy to say that we are not carrying anyone, everyone is pulling their weight and more. We have 5 bruisers competting to break the 4K DPS mark. Its funny to see how they can just compete and call a win on a heroic by doing 3072 over 3000. I love it, they have fun, they compete in a very good way. Even the mage we sometimes lose to the horde side came out to show her DPS once again, I don’t think even the new 80s are under 2K.

Our healers are not staying behind, and our newest druids who claimed to have no skills are making running things as Theo put it, easy modes. That and we have our original healer back from her summer hiatus.

Our tanking corps grew quite a bit with some of DKs picking up enough gear to be tanks, not only that but Hon and I both have backups now. Its great not to have to be the only tank available but appreciated when I can always get in a group. We have at least one group pwn H ToC every night and it seems like 3 other groups are farming heroics every night. Heck even morning play picks up once in a while and I was able to get 10 badges in less than an hour.

Old Kingdom is now on farm, and Oculus stands as the only wall for me to get the Norther Heroic Raid achievement.

This weekend we also put together events that I did not run at all, but was merely a happy participant. We have a pretty excellent group of officers that are keeping the bank stocked and people in check.

I am happy to say that we have reached a level of membership that we all feel comfortable with and we are probably not going to grow much besides bringing friends into the guild. The progression is going a lot faster than we had expected originally thanks to some experienced players picking up the game again and raiding with us, as well as the new additions. We are raiding, we are farming, but overall we are having more fun than we ever did before.

Skills > Gear

Logtar was born during TBC. I have been to ZG to farm a mount and to Molten Core and ZG to farm achievements. In those days the only 10 man that Logtar ever saw was Kara. I learned tons of bad habits when it comes to evaluating people for groups and I am sad to say that for the longest time I thought gear matters more than skill. I honestly thought that gear was about 80% of what a player needed to be successful at raiding. Then that notion was not just questioned, it was shattered.

I started doing dungeons with my main group during WoTLK. DTK is my favorite dungeon because nobody knew how to do it, nobody looked any guides up, we just entered the dungeon and figured out each boss on our own. I still enjoy doing speed runs there, heck we might have to do our first BoondockSaints video a timed run there. All the people that ran that place with me became better players because we all have to sharpen our skills to be successful. We learned where and where not to stand, we learn where to DPS and where to hold back. I then started suspecting that gear was not a factor, because doing that place was all about knowing the fights and doing the right things and not so much having the right gear.

The first time I saw someone in greens “outheal” someone in purples it did not compute in my brain. Then when that person told that they had no mayor UI enhancements and that they were still a “clicker”, I was floored. All notions that I had learned in the past playing this game were incorrect. The constant gear checking or achievement checking was pretty mute from that point on. Gearing people up becomes pointless if when they have the gear their skills are not already there. That is why I wrote the “Raiding, Am I ready” post because it is all about going back to the basics.

Its been a couple of months since that rude awakening. The 3.2 patch made gearing people up just a matter of grinding. Theydrin made another DK and was doing 2K DPS before he even hit 80. A group of people cleared Ulduar in only blue gear, and that alone cements the view that skills matter more than gear for me. TankLikeaGirl goes as far as saying that putting gear into the myth category.

Our guild has been blessed to get one of the coolest groups of people in our server together. We are going a lot stronger than I thought we would in such a short period of time. We are not only close to running our own 25 mans, we are ready for Ulduar 10. A casual group of friends is getting to see content that just weeks ago seemed months away.

The toughest thing about all of it is having to tell people that they are just not ready for something. Being realistic about progression is the only thing that can move a guild forward. I think the Greedy Goblin is a little extreme, but his ideas are applicable. If we don’t start moving ahead on content until everyone is ready for the step, we will be running Naxx 10 for months to come. What makes me even happier is that I am not the one doing the push, the guild as a whole is, and we have been able to do it while having fun, without minimizing talking down to anyone and constantly improving on everyone’s skills. We even have 4 people now that can lead a raid successfully. Gear is pretty much a non issue and we have gemmed and enchanted pretty much every single new piece anyone gets that same night.