The Patch 3.2 and the Guild

One of the most interesting aspects of WoW is that at least since I have been playing it (I heard rumor of old school WoW being truly for the L337) is that the company has managed to maintain the balance between access and playability. While most hardcore raiders that burn through content and add rusty dragons to the stable still mantain that raiding is now too easy, Ulduar 25 is still not a slamdunk for most guilds. I would even go as far as saying that Ulduar 10 requires more than just gear to complete.

Now the game has been changed dramatically with the emblem system revamped. We will now be able to farm heroics to obtain gear rather than having to deal with a 25 man raid full of immature people more worried about t-bagging each other than actually running something smoothly. This changes the game completely for our guild. It will make progression that much easier since it is not dependent only on drop rates and we can gear as a group at a better pace. While we’ve had several players being able to join 25 naxx groups and 10 man ulduars to get gear, only some lucky night have proven fruitful in our pursuit of better gear. While skill still plays the biggest role in raiding, it takes a heck of a lot of skill to do things grossly under-geared. The new system makes 5 mans; which has been one of my favorite parts of the game since there is not as much sitting around waiting for people as there is on 10 and 25 man, not just fun to run but very fruitful. Last night I ran 3 heroics a little over an hour and was able to put my remaining emblems of valor to good use on a tanking ring.

Also very exciting is our JewelCrafter extraordinaire Moondust who has been saving tokens to get the new patterns. She was gracious enough to use all of her tonkens evenly throughout classes and outfitted our tanks already with awesome new gems. My survivability is pretty awesome right now with almost 28K unbuffed health as a warrior not being too shabby, specially since I don’t really have many 24stam gems in sockets anymore… lets deal some damage!

My wife was gracious enough to put my vision into reality and created some graphics for our guild site. It is still being constructed but you can now go take a look There is also more being built in another site, but we will have to keep that a surprise for now.

Some of the coolest things about the patch so far that impressed me have been,

The Gear Manager is a lot easier to use, they fixed the clunky old way to save the profiles.
Being able to queue up for WG from all mayor cities.
Faster mount cast time makes grinding even less of a hassle.
Quest log being double panned is a huge interface improvement.
Character name auto completion will help with the funny character names during invitation time.
Item comparison is awesome. (I already had something similar with an addon, but happy they did it to the main UI)
My lifeblood from herbalism (which I use quite often) and toughness from mining both got a nice buff!

So what things have you liked from the new patch? Looking forward to the new content?

2 thoughts on “The Patch 3.2 and the Guild

  1. Haven’t done much yet. Logged on and got mounts for my lowbies is the big thing. Checked the new quest interface and liked it, except for taking up so much of the screen.

    I already had auto-completion in mail. I don’t recall if that was my mail mod or not. Last night with the patch and no mods I was sending 10 gold to Massic and ended up sending to another player. The old version completed the closest name from friends/guild list. If it wasn’t the right person, keep typing till you close in. The new version puts up a list, and lets you choose from it as you narrow down but even with one choice it does not use that name until you click it. If you hit tab to type in the subject instead of clicking the only name on the list (as I obviously did) you end up sending gold to Mas or Mass.

    Depending on weekend, wanna put a couple hours in on Curve and see if I can make 77 and fly again. Goal after that is 80 and gearing up.

  2. Woah, I swear I wanted to take at least a few breaks but I ended up running around 10 normal trials and over 10 heroics in a crazy non-stop rush with guildies and a few pugs, enjoying the abundance of rage from the godsend 5/5 shield spec. Needless to say, a total of 1 tank item dropped in all my trial runs :D I can already tell it’ll take at least 25 more to get the Black Heart.
    All in all, patch day was great imo!

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