Guild Meeting

Last night we gathered on the stairs of the StormWind Cathedral to have a guild meeting. The officers and I wanted to share the rules and our vision of the guild. We are averaging about 20 people online every night and are very happy about our new regular players. Last night we had almost everyone there at the time of the meeting except for those that had family visiting from out of town. After we had gone through all the information we needed to discuss Aloea’s new little addon started counting down Wintergrasp and we decided to head there as a guild, plus a couple of our friends. We had our own raid and had a blast actually taken over with about 10 minutes to spare. The we decided to go raid Undercity since we had an actual guide with us.

We entered via the sewers and did quite well until the horde started showing up. Our raid had 20 people and was able to get Sylvanas more than half. I perished when I tried to take some of the hunters that showed up only to encounter about five others around. They picked us off quite easily after our big bruisers all of our plate wearers were subdued. We try to start it back up again but guards plus horde were too much. If we would have had a full raid, which is what we will do next time :) she would have been down. It is an interesting encounter, and a lot more fun than what I thought it was like. My previous experience has been simply defending Ironforge and a failed attempt by a mostly pug Thuderbluff attempt, and for it being our first time as a group I was impressed.

One thought on “Guild Meeting

  1. Talked to Ygraane today, she should be back on in the next week or so. She has gotten some of her family stuff done, but there are issues with the in laws as well.

    Oh, she was tickled bout the Horde guild. She hadn’t heard that was possible.

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