For The Horde

Raiding seems to have taken a back sit lately for our guild, its funny because now that we can get a 10 man going any night, we are busy having fun doing something else. While some of the W007 L007 is still stuck in Naxx25 and Ulduar, the Tournament of Champions has made getting people ready for those encounters a matter of running 5 mans. The stuff that drops on the regular ToC is comparable with Naxx 10 gear, and much, much easier to obtain with a good group. I think the past 3 days we have replaced the blues that our main raiding group had left. The gemming and enchanting is also going well and I think that as soon as we want to run something, we will be able to. Besides leaving dragons up in OS, there are really no runs that I think we are going to do this week.

I read a while ago that factions were going to experience some changes. It was mostly around the discussion of being able to “change” factions. It all sounded far away and I have not been in the character creation screen for a bit. Then Mr. Honjuder created a horde in our server… and we all went What? After the shock wore off… Yeap, you guessed it, our Horde guild was born. It has been hilarious because people are even transferring toons from other realms to our newly created full of lowbes guild.

A long time ago during some down time in our server I rolled a Belf Pally, and leveled him to six… that was the extent of my horde experience. However I now have a rogue and a cow… yea, I have a freaking cow! I am loving it too. I think we all are excited to run around doing low quests together. Our vent has stayed full and we have pulled resources together again and have a tabbed bank in the other side and pretty much everyone bagged. We also have finally found a druid that is going to bring l337 heals to our raids… and now getting a 10 man together is just a matter of deciding where to go. Bottom line everyone is having fun. This patch has improved playability quite a bit.

I got my first piece of 226 gear Shard of the Crystal Forest via emblems. I am also getting closer to my second piece, but I am afraid that I really don’t need much gear until we start doing harder content. Its not necessarily a bad thing. I do have to regem for hit to get my DPS up a bit though. Running chain heroics and ToC over and over has been a lot of fun, that and running around on a cow hitting things with a stick. LOL. Good times.

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