Bellow ToC

Bellow ToC So we have been taking a group to Heroic five man ToC with mixed results.  Sometimes we can beat the Black Knight, sometimes he just stumps us like chew toys.  Its a fun and challenging encounter, but the buggyness sometimes makes it even more frustrating.  Under ToCThis weekend though, during one of the runs while fighting just the first tree people I seem to have gotten a little too close to the door they come from.  I ended up dropping to a cave bellow and perishing.  Not before I took some screen shots though.  It looks very interesting and I have not read up to see it it is maybe part of the raid.  Enjoy.

*Update* I guess it is some unreleased content called (The Icy Depths.)

One thought on “Bellow ToC

  1. I’m fairly sure it’s the scene for the last boss fight which is released next week, A Nub Arak… but if you didn’t read up on it, I won’t spoil the fight for you (:

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