Azjol-Nerub & Old Kingdom

Besides hopefully getting on a 25 man Naxx as a tank my to get a hold of the Bracers of the Unholy Knight my tanking set is ready to take on Ulduar 10. That will put me officially beyond needing anything from Naxx even though a full clear still seems to be weeks away for our guild. Its actually exciting to know that there is still all that content to enjoy as a group, and so far it has been fun having a very balanced group.

There are still some good pieces of gear stuck in places I rather not visit. Oculus has to be by far my least favorite dungeon. I went there with our regular group, and we had fun figuring out the encounters until we wiped, and wiped and wiped some more on that last boss. It left a bad taste on all of our mouths that made it even worse because we were not able to finish it. I am not in any hurry to go there again, however I do want to get both Azjol-Nerub & Old Kingdom on farm status.

I have done both instances before, and even completed A-N which a lot of people like because its quick. I have not been able to do it without an overgeared healer or a totem dropper. Even with those two elements it is not a slam dunk, and it is still a tanking challenge for me because most of it is poor crowd control. Its very frustrating when you lose control of your character and you know it is going to cause the whole group to perish.

The Essence of Gossamer is probably one of the must have tanking items in your tanking set. I see it as not just the gap bridging item that the Seal of Pantheon is while you get your tanking set over the cap, but a necessary tool to build your survivability. This item along with some of the pieces that are missing for some of our healers is stuck in those instances and I cannot hide behind the fact that they “suck.”

So in the coming week or so I am going to buckle up and just get these instances done. I think the way to tackle them is to do them in normal mode first and get everyone used to the encounter and then just go and get it done. I am really looking forward to being able to put them both in farm status to include them in our upcoming Heroic Chain List.

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