Talking with BamBam got me thinking about the questions for this meme :) Play, Share, Link back! Enjoy.

1) Word Association
Turtle ::
Swift ::
Drake ::
Mount ::
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller ::

2) Have you tried any of the timed achievements in the game yet? (Friend of Fowl, Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy, Timely Death …)

3) Immobilizing effects, useful or annoying?

4) What is your funnest place to speed clear? Deadmines, Ramps, ZF?

5) Have you ever messed up a boss kill, achievement, or run for a whole group? Tell us your most embarrassing WoW ups.

One thought on “WoW Meme SPEED!

  1. 1.
    Turtle :: Speedy
    Swift :: Netherdrake
    Drake :: Purple
    Mount :: Pricy
    Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller :: 1k Needles

    Out of those three I’ve done the Leeeroy because I was dragged to do it. It’s a shame they made the funny memory of vanilla wow into an overused…bleh anyway, they killed it.

    Both. Useful for peeling, annoying when getting peeled.

    UD 45 during Vanilla. Used to be my favorite!

    The first time I healed Mimiron, I didn’t know what was what so I put myself on follow on my friend. So we were two tree’s running around healing everything. Well the second time around, my friend wasn’t there, and I hadn’t read up on the strat as I spend little time raiding to begin with. I was following someone else and that didn’t end so pretty… /giggle

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