What Happened?

I started playing WoW because a coworker that I wanted to get to know better played the game.  His guild needed another tank (I had no clue what a tank was back then) so I became an OT.  The guild grew while I was there, I brought my IRL friends and some people that I leveled with.  Then the expansion came out and most of our good players left to go to a more raiding oriented guild.  What they did not know is that I had seriously been wanting to quit because of the same reasons they had at the time… but I pressed on because I was playing with friends.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting for my WoW playing.  Being gone from the game because of being out of town really gave me some separation and perspective.  The raiding dudes that had recently joined the guild ended up going for greener pastures.  They started to invite me in raids with their new guild and I loved it.  They were young but excellent players and had content that we could not conquer on farm.  They extended an invitation and I said I would think about it… and after thinking long and hard I decided to give it a try.

I play with a lot of people that I consider friends so I decided to let them know I was joining a raiding guild to get better gear.  My tanking set has not had a serious update since a pug a couple of months ago.  I’ve had a couple of people in the recent months approach me about having a new guild and me lead it, but I was hesitant because I respected that the guy that got me into WoW was the GM of where I used to be.  However, more than one person told me that I needed to do that, and that they would follow.  I asked the reasons and they were mostly scheduling, inconsistency and “unfair” loot distribution.  In the old guild we used to roll for loot taking main spec in consideration first… it seems some people are not lucky rollers and are still wearing blues despite the fact that they had chances at upgrades.  It ticks people off when someone replaces a purple with a slightly better purple when someone else is wearing a green.  The other issue was the erratic recruiting practices, most people wanted to test new players before letting them in… we are a clique and want to make people part of it… if you don’t fit then why raid or spend time with them?

I decided that before I departed I would call a meeting and give some of the people that had not spoke a voice, because they felt the GM was unapproachable.  He had said that he wanted to hear things and have people tell him why they left and not leave without an explanation, so I tried to do that.  It was not planned, I did not want to start a new guild, but when a friend asks me for something I hardly ever say no.  I wanted to keep some of my alts there since only some people wanted to come over to the new guild.  My old GM decided to gkick me and all my alts which prompted other people to just say, I’m leaving too then.  I wanted to leave in good terms because I have no issues with anyone really and the more people you know in a server the easier it is to get groups and stuff done.

I have no hard feelings, we all pay for a game to be entertained and I was not having much fun.  I am not sure what is going to happen with the new guild that was just formed, all I know is that I am impressed, very impressed with the people that decided to come over and right away start making BoondockSaints in AzShara the place to be.

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