Spider Wing PWNED

It was nice to have extra people to go to Naxx with us last night. We were able to take three people that were very undergeared there and one of them, our new BOOM DRUD Gina, made out like a bandit getting like 4 new pieces. Hon also got a new pair of bracers and I hope that when we do Patchwrk this week I will get new shoulders. Now that I am better geared I need to concentrate on hit rating so I can also go boom, but 1100 DPS for a prot warrior is not too shabby.

We have also been busy defining how the guild is going to work with the officers and I am excited about all the stuff we have come up with. More on that coming very soon.

I am hoping the next patch comes out soon so we can start gearing everyone a lot quicker, and also that we get to bring down Flame in Ulduar this week. With OS, Naxx, VoA and one boss in Ulduar we should be plenty busy. We have also started running chain heroics to get the new 80s geared and other people to finish up their rep. I am also super excited that one of my best friends from College is bringing his Druid from another server and that his DK is leveling nicely. It looks like with some help we might even be able to get a 25 man run going here and there.

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