Heroics and Gear

Big Bear Butt put together a nice post listing how emblems will work after the 3.2 patch. The rumors I have been hearing is that it will be as early as next week and this makes me extremely happy. The guild has a new batch of 80 alts as well as a couple of friends that transferred toons to levels or created DKs. We have people that already have skills but are in dire need of gear and they were left behind the curve when everyone started to farm Naxx. I am excited to be able to farm emblems soon in the most exciting content in the game for me: Heroics.

Logtar is all geared to tank Naxx and up to regular Ulduar now except for his bracers. He also has all his reps maxed so daily dungeons for me have meant nothing but gold for a while. This patch will make the emblem drops a nice addition to me being able to farm a dungeon for the people that are gearing up and still working on rep. I have also got the first level of Hodir rep for shoulder enchants and will have to work on grinding rep day probably on Sunday morning.

Our heals are getting better and better with every run, and I am sure that soon we will not require a third healer on 10 mans and our druid and shaman can have a little rest. Our DPS is crazy, and that is even not having our 4K dps log in for the past couple of runs. Its nice to have everyone over 2K.

It will be nice to have 4 tanks that can be doing heroic chains to get everyone geared. I will be putting together a little guide on what to run for maximun results in soon.

2 thoughts on “Heroics and Gear

  1. Apparenly my patch has entirely downloaded, so I guess we’re just waiting for Blizzard somehow to “switch it on” and install it.

  2. I have had 2 separate downloads in the last week or so. I think they are getting close at least. If anything changes in the current version on the PTR they will have to push that out, but barring that I agree that they could be going very soon.

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