First Guild Visit to Ulduar and Patchwerk Pwn

Ah, the weekend… to quick and not enough time. Besides me being super busy it seems like people had lots of fun but were looking forward to raiding. It was nice to have people to raid with and Shrev’s heal, Blue and Gina’s nakked DPS are a welcome addition to our regular group.

We first headed to Ulduar. Some of us have been there, but I would say it was a first look in there for everyone. We went only to take down flame and after only getting him to 50% we decided to move on. Cleaning trash and getting a hang of the encounter was a lot of fun and I am sure we will be back there soon enough with better chances.

Then we went to finish another wing of Naxx, but we were tired so we only got Patchwerk down. However it was an impressive run. We now have the DPS and 3 healer set up to clear Naxx. The rest is going to be simply strategy and people learning the encounters. I was impressed by everyone’s capability to both lead and take direction.

The day was awesome and we might finish it up tonight, but overal everyone just had a lot of fun. I love the way our guild is growing little by little. Also the alliances we are forming with other guilds is going to pay off soon. I had so many requests for people to go into other people’s run it was fun. I think as far as recruiting once we get a lock in the guild we will have an awesome raid composition for 10 mans… and well we have about 3 solid groups to put all heroics in farm status! Soooo looking forward to chain heroics :) I will be putting a quick guide together soon. Guild charter will be going out soon to everyone so don’t forgot to send me an e-mail. Have a great week!

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