BoondockSaints Ranks

Here are the new ranks inspired by the movie 🙂 which you should go see.

Please don’t forget to send me an e-mail so I can send you the rest of the guild information.

The first question in a guild is how do I get promoted. The simple answer is be helpful to other members and listen to officers direction. The first step towards a promotion is to contact one of the officers and let them know you are interested in going to a higher rank. We will then send you information on what is expected of someone in that rank and see if you are interested in fulfilling that role.

Guild Master

Well Duh

Another Duh

Will Raid 4 Food
Raiding Member

Raiding Member

Veteran Member


Official Member

Inactive – New Recruit – Got Hacked

2 thoughts on “BoondockSaints Ranks

  1. I should be back in the ring tonight after the kids are in bed. Eager to keep grinding away through the mid-70s

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