Boondock Saints Pwns OS

Last night we got together and finished up the OS run we had left unfinished. We have added about 5 new 80s to our ranks and are leveling 6 or 7 toons. We might be DK central for a bit, but there is also pallies and a drud that are RL friends transferring over. I also visited Ulduar and got to learn all 4 initial fights a little better by OT them. I had done two before, but the strategies they used are better than the ones I had seen before. I think on this weeks attempt we might be able to do one dragon up.

We purchased all 6 tabs for the GB in 48 hours. Thanks for everyone that helped out. Every little bit helped out. Also I am very impressed by everyone that has put stuff in there. We have enough mats for gems and enchants to go around. Keep up the good work.

We have excited things for the guild coming up, but more importantly we are having fun. I hope everyone is having as much fun as we did this weekend! Keep the milk in the cooler!

2 thoughts on “Boondock Saints Pwns OS

  1. Once I get Ijustlost to 80 I’ll switch back to my Pally and get him leveled up. I’m planning on re-specing him so if we need another healer I’ll go that route. Currently he’s a DPS build

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