A Guild Is Born!

So after what happened, I was left to build a guild.  I had no clue what to do since my bank toon does not have its own GB as it prolly should.  So I got guided to what to do and figured I needed 10 signatures.  6 people were coming over right away and 4 more were people that made 1g a piece to sign the roster.  Then the BoondockSaints Guild of AzShara US was born.  I am still perplexed by the fact that in less than 2 hours we had 4 tabs purchased with guildies gold and it is already full of mats, gems and a ton of arrows and bullets.

So why is this guild different?

Because we want to be friends, we want to get to know you and help you achieve your goals.  However, we have a focus, to experience end game content.  We will not yell at you, however, we do expect you to always listen and never to take things personal.

Why BoondockSaints?

If you have not seen the movie, then you need to go on a rental store trip… other than that, my real blog’s rank is almost 35% due to my review of that movie.

So what do we offer?

We have people that can clear all heroic 5 mans (except Oculus and the spider ones because we just don’t like them).  Anything else from UK to UP is on farm.  We plan on farming 5 man content until we don’t know what to do with the badges that are going to drop from the Heroics after the 3.2 update.

In less than two hours we already have a 25 man Vent server, a 4 tab Guild Bank and mats to level professions.

So what do we need?

Right now we are looking for mature, no tantrum, no drama, players that want to get better at the game or help us get better.  We are looking for all classes of people who’s goal is to get to 80 and do end game content.  We also need people that are going to help us get mats, so that as soon as a new piece is obtained for a main spec, the guild will be gemming and enchanting it for you.

How are you going to distrubute loot?

Once something for your spec drops, you will tell the Master Looter what you have currently and whoever has the lowest in their main spec will be rewarded with the drop.  If nobody wants it, a chance at rolling for offspec will happen.  The it will go to our Disenchanter.

So if you are interested in joining this new guild, PST Moondust, Smidgeon, Ijustlost, Aloea, or Logtar in game.

3 thoughts on “A Guild Is Born!

  1. You paid people? I woulda signed it, if not Curve on of my unguilded lowbie alts.

    Just giving you grief Saint Logtar has a nice sound to it.

  2. “Once something for your spec drops, you will tell the Master Looter what you have currently and whoever has the lowest in their main spec will be rewarded with the drop.”

    Just know that this type of loot distribution hinges on the ML’s knowledge of what is good for what class, as well as discouraging people from putting in effort to craft / obtain items on their own. I’ve seen this kind of distribution go sour fast.

    Other then that – best of luck !

  3. Yea I have my concerns with it too, but what we want to do is gear as many people as possible. I know we will probably end up gearing people for other guilds but if we have a high retention rate on the people that are geared we will move up faster. I am getting better at comparing gear and there are some addons I am looking at.

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