1337 Raiding

I have been taking a break from WoW because I was out of town and then had friends from out of town come visit.  The weeks before that have been tough because there is really nothing very challenging to do in the game anymore… that is until I played with some hardcore raiders.  I thought I had already seen people that were at this level of play because many people claim to be “elite.”   However, I was pretty wrong.

I had never seen someone on blues and green outheal someone purpled out.  I had also never seen someone two man a heroic dungeon boss.  It was amazing to hear someone talk about healing as being too easy and actually being able to back it up.  I’m an OK tank, but playing the game at that kind of level really opened up my eyes to why it is that I play.

These guys were both raiders and PvPers at the top of other servers and the mechanics of the game were almost second nature to them.  To have them compliment me felt pretty good because they recognize how hard it is to tank.  Its actually funny that everyone in the group pretty much refused to tank because they were so burned out on doing it.  I guess they all that that in common also, they had been a tank at one point or another.

It also made me realize that I don’t want to be in a hardcore guild.  They are burning through content too quickly for me.  I want to remember how hard that troll in DTK was to get down.  I want to remember how tough it was to get Loken down without having everyone die in the party.

I hear that they just moved on from our guild but want to keep in contact, and I will def want them to fill spots on our raids if we ever need it.  However, what I love about the people I play with is that I like raiding with them, that I like them as people.  That we will probably go at snail speed through the content, but in the end we will have enjoyed that kill so much more than if some other group too us there and got us the gear.

One thought on “1337 Raiding

  1. I fully agree on this, very good post.

    I’m in a similar situation, my guild sticks to 10man raids and we are 11/14 in Ulduar at the moment, so nowhere near top of the server.

    But we fully enjoy the raids we do and the people we raid with, when mimiron went down after three weeks of tries, the screams over vent made it all worth it.

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