Talking with BamBam got me thinking about the questions for this meme ūüôā Play, Share, Link back! Enjoy.

1) Word Association
Turtle ::
Swift ::
Drake ::
Mount ::
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller ::

2) Have you tried any of the timed achievements in the game yet? (Friend of Fowl, Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy, Timely Death …)

3) Immobilizing effects, useful or annoying?

4) What is your funnest place to speed clear? Deadmines, Ramps, ZF?

5) Have you ever messed up a boss kill, achievement, or run for a whole group? Tell us your most embarrassing WoW ups.

Heroics and Gear

Big Bear Butt put together a nice post listing how emblems will work after the 3.2 patch. The rumors I have been hearing is that it will be as early as next week and this makes me extremely happy. The guild has a new batch of 80 alts as well as a couple of friends that transferred toons to levels or created DKs. We have people that already have skills but are in dire need of gear and they were left behind the curve when everyone started to farm Naxx. I am excited to be able to farm emblems soon in the most exciting content in the game for me: Heroics.

Logtar is all geared to tank Naxx and up to regular Ulduar now except for his bracers. He also has all his reps maxed so daily dungeons for me have meant nothing but gold for a while. This patch will make the emblem drops a nice addition to me being able to farm a dungeon for the people that are gearing up and still working on rep. I have also got the first level of Hodir rep for shoulder enchants and will have to work on grinding rep day probably on Sunday morning.

Our heals are getting better and better with every run, and I am sure that soon we will not require a third healer on 10 mans and our druid and shaman can have a little rest. Our DPS is crazy, and that is even not having our 4K dps log in for the past couple of runs. Its nice to have everyone over 2K.

It will be nice to have 4 tanks that can be doing heroic chains to get everyone geared. I will be putting together a little guide on what to run for maximun results in soon.

First Guild Visit to Ulduar and Patchwerk Pwn

Ah, the weekend… to quick and not enough time. Besides me being super busy it seems like people had lots of fun but were looking forward to raiding. It was nice to have people to raid with and Shrev’s heal, Blue and Gina’s nakked DPS are a welcome addition to our regular group.

We first headed to Ulduar. Some of us have been there, but I would say it was a first look in there for everyone. We went only to take down flame and after only getting him to 50% we decided to move on. Cleaning trash and getting a hang of the encounter was a lot of fun and I am sure we will be back there soon enough with better chances.

Then we went to finish another wing of Naxx, but we were tired so we only got Patchwerk down. However it was an impressive run. We now have the DPS and 3 healer set up to clear Naxx. The rest is going to be simply strategy and people learning the encounters. I was impressed by everyone’s capability to both lead and take direction.

The day was awesome and we might finish it up tonight, but overal everyone just had a lot of fun. I love the way our guild is growing little by little. Also the alliances we are forming with other guilds is going to pay off soon. I had so many requests for people to go into other people’s run it was fun. I think as far as recruiting once we get a lock in the guild we will have an awesome raid composition for 10 mans… and well we have about 3 solid groups to put all heroics in farm status! Soooo looking forward to chain heroics ūüôā I will be putting a quick guide together soon. Guild charter will be going out soon to everyone so don’t forgot to send me an e-mail. Have a great week!

BoondockSaints Ranks

Here are the new ranks inspired by the movie ūüôā which you should go see.

Please don’t forget to send me an e-mail so I can send you the rest of the guild information.

The first question in a guild is how do I get promoted. The simple answer is be helpful to other members and listen to officers direction. The first step towards a promotion is to contact one of the officers and let them know you are interested in going to a higher rank. We will then send you information on what is expected of someone in that rank and see if you are interested in fulfilling that role.

Guild Master

Well Duh

Another Duh

Will Raid 4 Food
Raiding Member

Raiding Member

Veteran Member


Official Member

Inactive – New Recruit – Got Hacked

Spider Wing PWNED

It was nice to have extra people to go to Naxx with us last night. We were able to take three people that were very undergeared there and one of them, our new BOOM DRUD Gina, made out like a bandit getting like 4 new pieces. Hon also got a new pair of bracers and I hope that when we do Patchwrk this week I will get new shoulders. Now that I am better geared I need to concentrate on hit rating so I can also go boom, but 1100 DPS for a prot warrior is not too shabby.

We have also been busy defining how the guild is going to work with the officers and I am excited about all the stuff we have come up with. More on that coming very soon.

I am hoping the next patch comes out soon so we can start gearing everyone a lot quicker, and also that we get to bring down Flame in Ulduar this week. With OS, Naxx, VoA and one boss in Ulduar we should be plenty busy. We have also started running chain heroics to get the new 80s geared and other people to finish up their rep. I am also super excited that one of my best friends from College is bringing his Druid from another server and that his DK is leveling nicely. It looks like with some help we might even be able to get a 25 man run going here and there.

Boondock Saints Pwns OS

Last night we got together and finished up the OS run we had left unfinished. We have added about 5 new 80s to our ranks and are leveling 6 or 7 toons. We might be DK central for a bit, but there is also pallies and a drud that are RL friends transferring over. I also visited Ulduar and got to learn all 4 initial fights a little better by OT them. I had done two before, but the strategies they used are better than the ones I had seen before. I think on this weeks attempt we might be able to do one dragon up.

We purchased all 6 tabs for the GB in 48 hours. Thanks for everyone that helped out. Every little bit helped out. Also I am very impressed by everyone that has put stuff in there. We have enough mats for gems and enchants to go around. Keep up the good work.

We have excited things for the guild coming up, but more importantly we are having fun. I hope everyone is having as much fun as we did this weekend! Keep the milk in the cooler!

A Guild Is Born!

So after what happened, I was left to build a guild.  I had no clue what to do since my bank toon does not have its own GB as it prolly should.  So I got guided to what to do and figured I needed 10 signatures.  6 people were coming over right away and 4 more were people that made 1g a piece to sign the roster.  Then the BoondockSaints Guild of AzShara US was born.  I am still perplexed by the fact that in less than 2 hours we had 4 tabs purchased with guildies gold and it is already full of mats, gems and a ton of arrows and bullets.

So why is this guild different?

Because we want to be friends, we want to get to know you and help you achieve your goals.  However, we have a focus, to experience end game content.  We will not yell at you, however, we do expect you to always listen and never to take things personal.

Why BoondockSaints?

If you have not seen the movie, then you need to go on a rental store trip… other than that, my real blog’s rank is almost 35% due to my review of that movie.

So what do we offer?

We have people that can clear all heroic 5 mans (except Oculus and the spider ones because we just don’t like them). ¬†Anything else from UK to UP is on farm. ¬†We plan on farming 5 man content until we don’t know what to do with the badges that are going to drop from the Heroics after the 3.2 update.

In less than two hours we already have a 25 man Vent server, a 4 tab Guild Bank and mats to level professions.

So what do we need?

Right now we are looking for mature, no tantrum, no drama, players that want to get better at the game or help us get better. ¬†We are looking for all classes of people who’s goal is to get to 80 and do end game content. ¬†We also need people that are going to help us get mats, so that as soon as a new piece is obtained for a main spec, the guild will be gemming and enchanting it for you.

How are you going to distrubute loot?

Once something for your spec drops, you will tell the Master Looter what you have currently and whoever has the lowest in their main spec will be rewarded with the drop.  If nobody wants it, a chance at rolling for offspec will happen.  The it will go to our Disenchanter.

So if you are interested in joining this new guild, PST Moondust, Smidgeon, Ijustlost, Aloea, or Logtar in game.

What Happened?

I started playing WoW because a coworker that I wanted to get to know better played the game. ¬†His guild needed another tank (I had no clue what a tank was back then) so I became an OT. ¬†The guild grew while I was there, I brought my IRL friends and some people that I leveled with. ¬†Then the expansion came out and most of our good players left to go to a more raiding oriented guild. ¬†What they did not know is that I had seriously been wanting to quit because of the same reasons they had at the time… but I pressed on because I was playing with friends.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting for my WoW playing. ¬†Being gone from the game because of being out of town really gave me some separation and perspective. ¬†The raiding dudes that had recently joined the guild ended up going for greener pastures. ¬†They started to invite me in raids with their new guild and I loved it. ¬†They were young but excellent players and had content that we could not conquer on farm. ¬†They extended an invitation and I said I would think about it… and after thinking long and hard I decided to give it a try.

I play with a lot of people that I consider friends so I decided to let them know I was joining a raiding guild to get better gear. ¬†My tanking set has not had a serious update since a pug a couple of months ago. ¬†I’ve had a couple of people in the recent months approach me about having a new guild and me lead it, but I was hesitant because I respected that the guy that got me into WoW was the GM of where I used to be. ¬†However, more than one person told me that I needed to do that, and that they would follow. ¬†I asked the reasons and they were mostly scheduling, inconsistency and “unfair” loot distribution. ¬†In the old guild we used to roll for loot taking main spec in consideration first… it seems some people are not lucky rollers and are still wearing blues despite the fact that they had chances at upgrades. ¬†It ticks people off when someone replaces a purple with a slightly better purple when someone else is wearing a green. ¬†The other issue was the erratic recruiting practices, most people wanted to test new players before letting them in… we are a clique and want to make people part of it… if you don’t fit then why raid or spend time with them?

I decided that before I departed I would call a meeting and give some of the people that had not spoke a voice, because they felt the GM was unapproachable. ¬†He had said that he wanted to hear things and have people tell him why they left and not leave without an explanation, so I tried to do that. ¬†It was not planned, I did not want to start a new guild, but when a friend asks me for something I hardly ever say no. ¬†I wanted to keep some of my alts there since only some people wanted to come over to the new guild. ¬†My old GM decided to gkick me and all my alts which prompted other people to just say, I’m leaving too then. ¬†I wanted to leave in good terms because I have no issues with anyone really and the more people you know in a server the easier it is to get groups and stuff done.

I have no hard feelings, we all pay for a game to be entertained and I was not having much fun.  I am not sure what is going to happen with the new guild that was just formed, all I know is that I am impressed, very impressed with the people that decided to come over and right away start making BoondockSaints in AzShara the place to be.

Money on my Mind

One of the best reads that I have found, Nance’s Alterac Volley recently reached a point that took some effort but was nicely done, 60K gold.

I used to think that making gold in WoW was hard, but I quickly realized that it is just like in the real world, a mixture of effort and opportunity.

Making gold in WoW is not hard at all, there are various ways of doing it. It is a little of auction house play, lots of smart expending and well, questing or raiding.

You need to think of one of your toons as a work horse. If you only have one, then guess what one of its purposes is. I have found that the most lucrative of professions in WotLK is mining. Why mining? because of Elementals and Ore. The prices on those two things are always pretty consistent.

As far as crafting professions making you good consistent money, jewelcrafting is pretty excellent. So if you are just starting in the gold making business, a Miner-JC would be the way that I would go.

So how to go about it?

Quest, Quest and then quest some more. Reason being that while questing you will find the good spots to mine what you need. While add ons are there to help out with this process, and you can look up the information online pretty easy, questing will show you the best routes for mining. That and killing mobs will get you drops that you can then turn around and sell in the auction house.

I do think a must have addon is auctioneer. It will help you decide quickly what you want to sell your stuff for.

There is really no excuse for being broke while playing this game if you are top level (right now 80). There are plenty of daily quests that will give you 10g. About an hour of dailies will make you 100g.

Now that I have told you the basics of making money, the key is how to make more and my answer is SAVE. Do not buy an upgrade to your gear as much as you are itching to. Save all your money until you have EPIC flying. Once you can move fast through the world, your money making will get tons easier and grinding will yield lots more.

So this is my 5 minute guide to becoming WOW RICH

1337 Raiding

I have been taking a break from WoW because I was out of town and then had friends from out of town come visit.¬† The weeks before that have been tough because there is really nothing very challenging to do in the game anymore… that is until I played with some hardcore raiders.¬† I thought I had already seen people that were at this level of play because many people claim to be “elite.”¬†¬† However, I was pretty wrong.

I had never seen someone on blues and green outheal someone purpled out.¬† I had also never seen someone two man a heroic dungeon boss.¬† It was amazing to hear someone talk about healing as being too easy and actually being able to back it up.¬† I’m an OK tank, but playing the game at that kind of level really opened up my eyes to why it is that I play.

These guys were both raiders and PvPers at the top of other servers and the mechanics of the game were almost second nature to them.  To have them compliment me felt pretty good because they recognize how hard it is to tank.  Its actually funny that everyone in the group pretty much refused to tank because they were so burned out on doing it.  I guess they all that that in common also, they had been a tank at one point or another.

It also made me realize that I don’t want to be in a hardcore guild.¬† They are burning through content too quickly for me.¬† I want to remember how hard that troll in DTK was to get down.¬† I want to remember how tough it was to get Loken down without having everyone die in the party.

I hear that they just moved on from our guild but want to keep in contact, and I will def want them to fill spots on our raids if we ever need it.  However, what I love about the people I play with is that I like raiding with them, that I like them as people.  That we will probably go at snail speed through the content, but in the end we will have enjoyed that kill so much more than if some other group too us there and got us the gear.