Why Do I Raid?

WoWGrrl asks… Why do you raid or not?

What is it about raiding that you value the most?

Making friends is by far the funnest part of raiding.  There is a level of camaraderie that is built when you go into a dungeon and just figure it out on your own without looking online at how to do it.  That is probably why I still enjoy going to DTK.  Learning to depend on others and know that they will be ready to help you in sticky situations builds trust.

Is it the Loot Upgrades you get?

It is certainly a big part of it.  However, I have only gotten a couple of upgrades in the past couple of months.  I still like to raid for the progression and experience of everyone in the guild, and loot is more of a secondary perk.

Is it how awesome the raid gear sets look like?

Nope, don’t care at all of how a set looks like.  I enjoy having pieces that look cool on their own, but have yet to have a full set or really care for one.

Is it because you’ve crafted and dungeoned for every single upgrade you can possibly get without setting foot in a raid instance?

No look is not the reason to go.  Having fun with a group of people is.

Is it the team environment that extends beyond the largely-solo “leveling game” within World of Warcraft that grabs your interest?

Yes, team environment is probably the most appealing.

Is it being able to explore each nook and cranny of the game, to be able to see or experience what’s been developed?

Yes, this is also a big reason or it was initially.  I felt that paying for a game and not getting to beat the final boss was like letting the princess die. I think we all pay for the content and we all should get to see most of it.  Of course like with every game, some places, modes, weapons are for the very dedicated.  However, I felt that without raiding I would not get to see a big portion of the game.

Or, is it because you feel like you’ve done so much of what comes before raiding that you’re bored with it and have since become interested in the “something new” aspect of raiding?

Nope, I am actually lore and questing deficient to the point that I did not read any of the quest information for most of WoTLK.

Or is there another reason I haven’t mentioned that you’d like to suggest to be considered on the list? :)

The list is pretty comprehensive.  I think you covered most of it.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Raid?

  1. There are a ton of reasons I’ve not even attempted to explore the “raiding” subculture that seems to dominate almost all WoW areas – mostly because a) I don’t have the schedule flexibility to adhere to a set time or date for a raid (kids, work, etc). The time I play WoW is basically between 12mid and 2am, after everyone’s in bed. That’s about it. b) I have yet to meet a player on WoW that seemed to be near my age, so running around with a group holds little appeal. It’s quite possible there are raid groups of folks in the 40+ set, but there’s no way to verify so no way to tell. Same with guilds – I have no desire to join a “guild” for similar reasons.

    Those are the main things. I enjoy questing, solo RP’ing, leveling new and different classes, and experiencing the immersiveness of an online world. I wish there was less emphasis on Raiding and even Group Quests, especially since it’s difficult or impossible to complete them on your own. I’ve gone back and completed lower-level group quests and dungeons on my own with a high-level character, but at a certain point it’s just impossible.

  2. Hey Barry! I read your post and jumped over to your site (nice Trek review, don’t agree with it all but can’t argue).

    Anyway much like you I am older (40 & Logtar is mid 30s btw) and like to spend a lot of time solo questing and whatnot. That’s a big reason I started on a PvE server. I have friends who play and enjoy hanging out with them, but am not even remotely as good at leveling. Thus I spend a lot of time on my own.

    Our guild tho has an older average age than most. Two of my closest WoW friends are in it, and I have come to like a lot of the other folks. I don’t really raid but sometimes I do run instances with my friends. Whether it be them power leveling me, or me helping with their lower alts, it’s nice to spend time with em.

    One thing that really helps me feel more a part of our guilds society is Ventrillo. Guild chat is entertaining but voice chat adds a new dimension, fleshing out who people really are. I’ll never be one who has several scheduled raids a week, but I have come to enjoy being in a guild of more than 1 person.

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