Smell What Logtar’s Cooking

Yesterday I finally received the achievement Grand Master Cook.  I was a lot more excited about it than I thought it was going to be.  Besides having to grind for Bear Flank, I did not have much gathering to do because guildies gave me tons of fish to cook.  I don’t like fishing in a video game, not just WoW but other iterations of electronic fishing to me really feel like waste of my time.  Fishing is an activity that I don’t necessarily like in real life, so why would I spend hours doing it digitally?

Cooking in the other had is something I love to do in the real world, and after constantly consuming tons of fish feasts prepared by raid mates I decided it was time to level my cooking about a month ago.  Initially I thought it would be easy to have my still leveling priest alt do it, but I quickly realized that I don’t have time for alts and the cooking grinding just stopped for a while.  Then I decided to do it on my main and voila, it was not as bad as I though it was going to be.

In less than an hour I jumped the hurdle from 295 (I stayed there for almost a week because not fishing really handicaps the cooking leveling) and after some ravager dogs making and saved meat from mining trips I got the Dalaran Cooking Award and Chef de Partie minutes apart.  I have more meat that will probably take me to 450, but now that I discovered the daily cooking I might just slow down and make the gold and cooking that everyone else has been enjoying for a while.

I am glad I found another aspect of the game besides raiding that is this exciting, because recently getting Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows and my new shinny Red Sword of Courage have been the only things that brought a big broad smile to my face when it comes to WoW.

One thought on “Smell What Logtar’s Cooking

  1. Cooking is a great way to keep the pet (and myself) fed when leveling. And the buff-foods are a must for raids. I still have a little ways to go, but the dailys (and those for fishing) at least give me some quick XP when I only have a short time to log in.

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