LAMED out of gear

This weekend was more of the same in my WoW reality. We just don’t have enough people in the guild to really run stuff so the remainder end up puggin something and eating up the patient points they have accumulated.

This weekend I realized that my PvE DPS set is starting to look better than my tanking set. I think I could even go as far as saying that spending some gold would probably put me in the middle of the DPS charts in some encounters. So when a group where I had 2 guildies and a bunch of people from another guild told me to switch from tank to DPS I said whatever… I need the gear. The I realized that I would be competing with another warrior and two pallies for gear. I was however not told that I would be there for the chance at tanking gear, not a bad thing, but that I pretty much had no claim at the DPS gear. This is a common mistake when pugging, that loot distribution is not spelled out.

Great item drops, its DPS, I am checking the stats and the raid leader rolls, and gives the piece to himself… I am like WTF??? so when I kind of voice that it was too quick of a roll (it was not even a RW announced roll like most) I am told that I am just being carried for a chance at tanking gear…

It was not a waste of time, I got to see other versions of tanking a couple of bosses that I learned tons from. I also got to see why I like slower raiding styles… being dragged through a place is just not as fun.

The bad part of the whole experience, besides only a repair bill besides the experience, is that it made me take a closer look at my gear. The only thing I can get from regular dungeons is a sword… but I still have 3 mayor blue pieces… my tanking gear needs more purples.

This is the great paradox of playing the game for raiding rather then PvP or even just leveling characters… you have to commit tons of time and in a sense farm for gear… and farming for gear takes lots of time!

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