WoW Account Got Hacked, What do I do?

If you have already checked to make sure your realm is up, yes I did this noob thing once. The first thing to do is to contact Blizzard. If you have already tried to retrieve your password and that route did not work (which most likely won’t because the hacker will burn the retrieve password try so they can have time to do what they do) get to Blizzard support and report your account as hacked.

Once you have your password back and your account has been reactivated, open up an in game ticket to get the items and money that you have lost back.

Beside that, it is a waiting game and a pain that nobody wants to go through.  What you need to do actually is to prepare so it does not happen ever again.

It begins with a strong password. If you know what that is, you are a minority, if you don’t read this guide I wrote. The stronger your password is, the better chance you have to keep it intact… however, something that most people forget is to have a different password for different accounts. I am not talking about just WoW accounts, I am talking about e-mail, bank, forums, etc.

Once someone has one of your passwords, the first thing they are going to try after they have cleaned your bank out is to see if they can get into other accounts. Some of these people work on networks of hackers and a password can be a powerful thing for them specially as you sleep after an all night raid.

The second step towards having a hack free life is to have software and hardware protecting you. You need an antivirus at the very minimum, but a firewall, spyware and process watcher don’t hurt either.

I like Spybot, AdAware, AVG and a hardware firewall.  I have several computers and devices that need internet connection so I had to buy a router anyway.  If you buy one, make sure that it comes with a firewall it is worth the extra money in my opinion.  Also your best tool is knowledge, learn about what a keylogger is and what it can do.

So once you have determined that your account has been hacked, get to the bottom of how they got into it.  See if there are keyloggers or other Trojans in your computer and eliminate them before you get back into the game full swing.  See if you can backtrack where the problem started, Did I download a new program lately?  What new websites did I visit? Did I follow a link that seemed to take me nowhere?

Do not buy gold online, as tempting as it might be.  Do not follow spam messages in game either.  Find trusted places to get information from like Alterac Volley which has excellent, easy to follow money making guides.  Visit big sites for information (Tankspot, Elitist Jerks, WoWInsider, MMO Champion) and search their forums rather than searching the internet as a whole where a hacker can be just one click away.

Always be aware of URLs.  The internet addresses can be masked to show no extensions of what you are actually going to execute or have redirects, but you need to make sure you are not about to download an executable program.  If you receive an e-mail from someone you know, but it is in any way out of character, do not click on anything or launch videos or programs from it.  Even if it is the funniest thing in the world, have your friend tell you what is about or tell you where it is on youtube.

Protect yourself and your guild, because as the people that have experienced this issue, the hackers will take as much as they can before they are detected.  It is a sad reality of the internet that there are people out there trying to get something for nothing.

24 thoughts on “WoW Account Got Hacked, What do I do?

  1. My account did not get hacked, but we have had 2 people compromised recently… last was poor Fredler.

  2. Good information. Thanks. We wrote a post a while back outlining reasons not to buy gold and being hacked was one of the reasons.

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  4. My account just got hacked yesterday! the hacker merged my account into a account.. changed my password and login information!! I cant even access my account anywhere! This really sucks! I just thought that I would warn as many people I can.. change your passwords and update everything!

  5. my acount got hacked today!the same thing as kelira happend as she said it SUCKS so if i where you dont join BATTLE.NET!

  6. I got hacked today to. I had Battlenet acc from 1 month or more. I got AVG+SpyBot running all the time each day scan at 4 am. I visit same sites. But yestoday i loged on my mates pc. I bet thats the fucking thing :/

  7. There seems to be some new way to get into computers nowadays because I got hacked. It couldn’t have been a keylogger. I never enter my accountname anywhere since I have it saved everywhere and never even write thoose letters. I also have anti-virus AVG as you mentioned that runs every day at 5 AM and ad-aware that runs automatic scan at 6 AM. For some reason still… I got hacked.
    It could have been a trojan but in that case, a trojan that no one knows about yet. I never did something irregular either, it just happened. And for the record, I do know what a strong password is.
    Either way… some tips for the ppl that got their account merged with a battlenet account. You can only pledge to the admins to take care of retrieving it, providing them with your serial key and as much information as possible. It helped a friend of mine at least. And after that. Take care of merging your account as fast as possible so it won’t happen again. And for gods sake, don’t buy gold from the suckers. 99% of the hacking is probably done by them. So don’t give them a reason to do this shit to other players.
    Thank you for the word, and good luck.

  8. today i saw in the chat, free mount and i went to the website and log into using my wow password and username.


    hacked and i was sooo pissed, so now i emails blizzard at leasst 6 times and people on vent have secured me that hacker only steal gold and dont delete character. so i can get back the gear/gold without too much pain buggin the GM

    iam in australia and the lines are down, so i cant get it sorted
    can anyone help me ?? cause i cant wait for blizzard

  9. mine was hacked and i did the same thing, emailed blizzard and they didnt reply so im finally just gogign to call them so they have to talk to me

  10. I got hacked with that free mount today and they used my characters to sent more letters now I’m getting hate mail! I’m all paranoid cause my virus scanner has expired and i can’t afford to renew till next month! I wish i could just unplug my modem and wait but if they have my info I doubt it would help :(

  11. hey i got hacked and got it back but i need my cd-key and the hacker has used it on ym old acc wat do i do..?

  12. My account was hacked five days ago and this is the best part …..I was on when it happened. I do not have addons or anything else. It was when I signed up for the beta opt in off the main game window before you sign in. The hackers took my main toon and transferred it to another realm and took everything off all my toons and then deleted my guild. Maybe them transferring my main deleted the guild since I was the leader……not sure. Anyhow, the messed up thing is that after they did all that they applied for a authenticator for my account. WTH did they do that for? Still waiting to see if my stuff will be restored. Good luck with yours.

  13. I hate the damn hackers, ok so i was Doin some errunds and i get a whisper and to let yall know im not a real WoW player i get confused and when ppl are like you should do this and that i freak cuz i think im doin wrong and i want to give my account the best i can giv. Ok Well i was doing errands and i get a whisper from a BLIZDAINA or something like that and they are like you are in violatin of selling gold for money or something like that please visit or youll be suspened or something like that like i said i thought i was gonna get suspened so i freaked out my macafee tells we wether a site is safe or bad and i gave them my info for a mount applicant but i was like wait a sec i thought it was a rule read for not getting suspened so my macfee site scanner said this site is dangerous leave now. But it looked like the WoW website and i said the macafee must be wrong so i went to the regular site by pressing the <- arrow and it brought me to the AReal website the and scanner sia dit was a safe site So i said if it takes me back to the WoW homepage itll be safe so i logged off for the night went out tried to log in and i typed my info and it asked for an authentiacation key so i said must be a new patch or blah so i kept tryin so i vistited the site and found out i waS Hacked why would people do his? its a godamn game i just wanna have fun and not have to worry about that shit yuo know what im sayin? if i have to worry about all this carp bout hackers im not gonna play anymore

  14. Two things ‘mark’

    1-Learn to use punctuation, that was the longest run on sentence I’ve ever read
    2-Hackers are going to be everywhere in every MMO. Aion for example has a major problem with them right now, along with gold farmers spamming all over the place. For the record, hacking is where gold farmers get the majority of their funds, so anyone buying money from them is supporting attacks on people’s accounts.

  15. Ya so, i quit for 4 months, go back and apparently my accounts bin being used for gold spamming and such, 2 level 80’s 76 , etc w.e right and I call them, tell them the email im trying to go onto it with, and they turn around and tell me that its been registered to like 5 different emails over that 5 months. Turns out my account was suspended and banned from the people that hacked my account. They said that its possible they can restore it and such, but long hours of phone calls and waiting on the line, a lot of hassle and i just want to play again. Only thing I don’t get is why a hacker would get an account with 2 level 80’s full t8.5 pvp, and pve banned for gold spamming, id play that shit. but anyways, good luck everyone!

  16. i got caught out once before and have been very carful..avg..ect.. dont yet know how i got hacked.. once was enough.. but twice is rediculace

  17. Well i was hacked and blizzard said they sent an email to my battlenet accounr but i dont remember the passowrd the the account. What do i do??

  18. Call them. That is the best way to get your account straight if you have no access to your e-mail account.

  19. I got hacked today too! My account was changed so now it has an athenticator or whatever and ive been contacting Blizz but they aren’t helping me out right now, when i go on the website i see 2 of my mains have there gear deleted or sold. What now?

  20. my accounts been hacked and the email address has been changed. how do I call them? the numbers are not working

  21. Holy shit. I haven’t been hacked on WoW but I’ve been hacked on the internet before. But I mean look at all these posts of people claiming they got hacked. That’s a lot of fucking people damn it! Let all those hackers out there be damned to hell! It’s just a game that I want to play safely, no need to make that shitty with your hacking! Sorry to all those people who got hacked, and good luck!

    P.S. Sorry about all the cussing, this just got me all pissed off about hackers. And it reminded me of the time my old PC got hacked.

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