Taking my orphan around

Nygtmare wanted to go to Utgard Pinnacle (UP)  really bad, and while I need to put that heroic on farm, we have not had a good balanced group to do it yet.  So when he mentioned going there I cringed, but then he said he just wanted regular for his orphan achievement.  He ended up getting another group, but almost every time I logged in during this weekend I would get tells not to go to Naxx or Vault but to go to UP.

I had a great time with our guild in Naxx this weekend, we did not move forward much but I think we are all understanding roles a lot better.  I now remember that most of them had never even been to Kara before joining our guild after WotLK came out, so it makes me feel good that everyone has actually progressed to this point.

Then early on Saturday I let someone convince me to pug a run of Heroic Violet Hold.  I don’t have any need to run dungeons anymore.  I have all the gear from emblems that I could get, all of my factions are at exalted and maxed out and I can get more shards from running WG.  The only reason I run them is for other guildies that might need those things mentioned above or to test people that might be good for the guild.  I however do it only if one of our healers is with me.  My experience with pug healers is 25% good and 75% horrible.  The part that stings is that the good ones are sometimes even more painful because they complain about everything that goes wrong since they are just so “awesome” and its funny when I go down on a fight and they have 75% mana.  I digress.

Finally one of the dudes that I have grouped with in the past from the guild “the soul society” caught me in a moment when I had just emptied my bags from farming and had about an hour to kill, and since my main healer is having a good time in Vegas and the other healers were not online I decided to go in a pug.  They wanted to do UP for the orphan achievement.  The pug had one of the “awesome” healers and while we did not have any wipes we rushed throught that place making leroy jenkins look timid.  It was funny when I tried to give everyone a mana break and the “awesome” healer replies I never need mana breaks, excuse me Mr Tree of infinate Mana, the DPS mage kind of needs to drink up but whatever just keep me up.

So I picked up the hooved one and took her around the land while they completed the group and summoned.  My first annoyance with the darn orphan is that while the general area where you are supposed to take them is pretty general, but for them to get the completed part is pretty particular.  Once a couple of guildies pointed me in the right direction I got the orphan all traveled.  Got most of the achievements I could easily get and actually did it pretty quickly.  I am thinking about picking up another one today since I did visit a couple of places I had not see in exodar with the drenai one.  I felt a little guilty hearting and leaving the little one behind to get an achievement, so I am not sure if I can eat all the treats to get the other achievement, but it might be fun to complete all of this very easy to get achievement points.  So have you obtain your orphan yet?

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