Raiding Issues

Being part of a casual guild comes with its price.  Progression tends to lean more towards the speed of your more casual players which leads to your serious or semi serious raiders to go elsewhere.

Since I started playing WoW I have seen the migration happen once and it really ticked me off because of the way it was handled.  I judged maturity by associating it with playing competence, but I have since found that they have nothing to do with each other.  Heck, a 9 year old in one of the other guild I’ve run to can out DPS most of the people in the server.

Lately raiding has been frustrating.  I was rushed to hit cap and gear up as a tank before the migration of all of our serious raiders to another guild.  So I was left with entry to Naxx gear and nobody else to go there with.  I have obtained a couple of pieces since via pugging, but nothing that has really made that much of a difference.  I can run any heroic with my eyes closed except for Azol Nerub and Oculus which I will some day do, but have not enjoyed when I go in there.

Our guild is doing great though, we took down OS 10 man last week in only our second entry there as a guild.  We all did great and one shotted everything until we got to the last dragon where we had to adjust twice before everyone got into the groove.  We can probably do it again pretty easily now, and use it as a weekly thing to gear up along with the Wintergrasp Piñata.  However, we are not ready for Naxx.  Some of it is gear, some of it just experience raiding, most of it is scheduling.

Having lots to do outside of WoW makes it hard to schedule and participate on raids.  I never set out to be the main tank in a guild, but I now have the job and I am trying very hard to find a balance.  However, I would feel bad if I just waited for people to catch up in both experience and gear and then step in to actually finish Naxx.  Also, raiding every other week is not the best thing to bring skill levels up.  Also commitment level is low amongst other people and while some have no problem commiting to 3 hours one night, others can only commit 1 hour a night for 3 days.

What my fear is that the people that are geared right now will want to move faster through contend and end up using their “saves” on other people’s runs.  It’s already happening and it hurts our chances.  I guess these are just the realities of being part of a casual guild… however, our guild has some of the best people and that is why I continue playing.  I hope everyone can be patient and we can find a middle ground between raiding and having fun.

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