Another Friday WoW Meme – Numero Tres

Here is another edition of the Friday WoW Meme! This one with Money on My Mind!

1) Word Association

Orphan ::

Roll ::

Need ::

Greed ::

2) Where is your favorite place to grind to make money?

3) Is there any kind of grinding that you actually enjoy and not find tedious?

4) What is your current favorite daily?

5) Which old daily from BC do you miss the most?

Remember play and tag two people not in your blogroll!

One thought on “Another Friday WoW Meme – Numero Tres

  1. I’m not a big meme guy but I thought I’d answer a few of these here in your comments.

    #2: For pure gold returns, the Argent Tournament dailies are the best right now. Especially when you double up the Champion and Valiant ones together.

    #3: Fishing in Wintergrasp. This is a total 180 from my previous views on this “profession.”

    #5: I liked all of the Isle quests from TBC. I was a little late to the game for those so I bet most people got bored with them over time.

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