When To Call It Quits

Our guild is close, really close to being able to 10 man Naxx.  We have been missing one or two key players the last couple of weeks, but we are very close to having two new healers and a couple of other tanks join the ranks.  Actually if anyone knows a Shammy in Azshara’s Alliance side looking for a casual raiding guild, send them my way.  Most of our raid ready players have been pugging 10 and 25 man Naxx with a couple of other guilds.  While they are all nice people, the raids still have a pug feel to them.

One of the biggest issues with my group leadership is that I know exactly when to call it quits, but I fall pray of the what ifs.  What if we can do it with this DPS (even if we are lacking proper tanks and heals) or what if this is a great learning experience for the people that have not been here?

Some people DC and don’t come back, some others start talking down to people and start looking for someone to blame, some people (me included) start talking about their repair bill.  The thing is that I have developed a good spidie sense for when something is not going to work.  The exception again is if everyone is in for just giving it a try, but most people don’t know how to say no sometimes.  In the end we are all left depleated of consumables, huge repair bills and in some cases very frustrated players.

Last night in Naxx I knew we did not have the right raid composition for the bosses we were about to face.  If we had taken another route earlier and headed down a different wing (we were DPS heavy, and tank light, heals were good) we would have saved tons of money and time.  Not my raid, and not my decision.  I am not a main tank for Naxx just yet having only two tanking pieces that are newly acquired (trinket and ring).  Flasked and bugged I can get to 33K health, but I am still a better OT than a main tank when it comes to raids.  Last night we also had a lot of lag issues and disconnects, the server seemed to be buggy for whatever reason.  All of those things combined spelled problems that I saw coming and should have just politley told the organizers thank you but ask my guildies to step back from this raid.  I like the guild we were raiding a lot, they seem like great mature players, and except for the one moron vent screaming something dumb (which they vowed to curve in the future).

The problem is just the same as when someone I know invites me to tank a pug heroic.  I like the pople and I want to help, but I know when someting is not going to work after the very first pull.  I need to improve in this aread by just letting people know it is not going to happen and then offer one on one advice if I know what the issue is.  I think it will save both money and agravation, and if I am the one inviting people to a raid, I should also be the one giving them an out before the repair bill mounts and the frustration starts to set in.

One thought on “When To Call It Quits

  1. I’ve been playing WoW for over a year now – more than that, really, almost 2 years – and I have no idea of the concept of guilds, raids, “pwn”, PVP and all the jargon you use ;)

    I’m a solo adventurer (70th Gnome Mage, don’t own WOTLK) and trying to do everything on my own for the most part. I team up with various loose parties needing extra hands to do most of the Group quests but I try to do as many on my own as I can.

    The online chatter with all its jargon and code and “DPS” and whatever is annoying. I know it’s fine and good and what people want to do and all that, but to someone who has no interest in permanent teams – nor the time to devote to them – it’s a little off-base from where I like the game.

    I like to role-play but there’s very little of that. My son also plays and the immaturity of some of the players (probably younger than him, even) is disturbing.

    My realm is Nordrassil…

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