The Road to WoW

I was very late to the WoW party.  TBC had already been out, and WotLK was already on its way.  I had resisted Ultima Online, got only to the character creation part of EQ.  Partly it was because of me playing RPGs before that got me to a point of frustration.  I loved Diablo and its progression, but some of the older RPGs would get to a place of just impossibility and I don’t like looking up tricks or cheats and I hated feeling like I had to.  I like being able to figure things out.

I like being good at video games and RTSs was something I was very good amongst my peers and decent at an online level.  Warcraft II where my nick comes from “Logtar” and later Age of Empires were games where I would come up with various strategies to dominate others.  Some of the most enjoyable gaming moments I had at the time was going agains very smart friends that had awesome strategies and me coming up with an overwhelming counter.  Those were easy to pick up, play for some hours and then leave alone.

The first game that had a level of high addiction for me was Gunbound, its similarity to probably one of the best room shooters Worms was very appealing.  You also had avatars that you can get stuff for which would show your “status” as a hardcore player.  It was even more enjoyable when in an international server I found someone from the same town I was living at.  I spent tons of hours playing and was good at the game, but it was addicting, very addicting.  I eventually moved onto play more Battlefield Vietnam and Counter Strike to fill up spots for the local buddies that I had made in the LanParty scene.

While in Michigan I had offers to play UO for free with a coworker, as well as invitations to WoW from both people in the LanParty scene and two other coworkers.  Addiction level warnings would go off and I would politely decline the offer.  Maybe a little prejudice towards WoW since half of our clan seemed to be spending all their time.  I don’t use Xfire anymore, but you can clearly see that I played tons of CS:S when I did use it.

Over the last couple of years because of moving and other personal issues I kind of left the online scene alone.  I would go into a CS:S server once in a while, but nothing constant.  Then Wook (the GM of TOS) started working for the company and informally talked about WoW, no pressure, check it out.  I told him the same thing I did before about me knowing about the addictive characteristics of the game… and he said it was all about balance.  I knew it was… however, I knew I would sacrifice other entertainment, I know I like to be good.  He then let me try playing one of his toons… and darn it, it did it.  I had never played a game that was so well made.

Its been a year and I love WoW.  I still like to do other things and I believe I have a good balance.  I also have discovered other aspects of the game I love, like how Raiding teaches people management and interaction better than some socialigy courses.  I don’t know if I will ever get burned out when they keep on making it better and better… blizzard has to have an addiction creation department.  There is still so much content I have yet to see, races, classes that I have not even touched.  I am enjoying the journey quite a bit.

2 thoughts on “The Road to WoW

  1. You have done pretty well in WoW. You know your role, help out friends and guild mates, and just generally behave well. In addition I have not heard a peep from your lovely wife that you are ignoring real life. You are always doing stuff outside the game, so I think you found the balance you were seeking (said in my best King Fu Master imitation).

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