The Friday WoW Meme

Why a meme?  Well, Fridays are a day that is hard to find things to post about… sure you can say, I will do this and that this weekend, but meme’s are like the grinding of the blog world… you have to do it.  So here is the first one! I hope you play.

1. Word Association

Elf ::

Shard ::

Epic ::

Cream ::

2. When emote annoys you the most?

3. Gnome punting… bullying or sport?

4.  What in game food that makes you hungry IRL?

Tag at least two WoW bloggers not on your Blogroll, then do it, have fun and link back to this post!

2 thoughts on “The Friday WoW Meme

  1. Elf: chick
    Shard: loot
    Epic: pixels
    Cream: ice
    2. when used in excess
    3. sport!
    4. worg haunch

    i see you started your wow blog pretty recent, i like it, good luck with it, i`ll be reading it.

  2. Hm, I will try, `thow Im not so good:D
    1. elf:night
    shard: epic
    epic: dream:))
    cream: ice
    2. when someone plays the world smallest violin
    3. agree, sport
    4. pie, any kind of pie
    the wow blogroll tags, tomorrow

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