Tanking only what I like.

DTK has to bee my favorite heroic dungeon. I know how to do each boss, I know how to handle every single pull and even some neat little tricks. Like those scourge troll riders right before the big dinosaur, if you have a ret pally, repentance one and they lose their pet.

VH is my other favorite, and my only complain is that dumb ethereal Xevozz that has made me wipe more than any other boss in the game.  The wipes are due to bad tanking and not kiting him correctly, and having people not stay behind me when I tank.  All other boses have been single shotted ever since our groups have enough DPS and enough Heals to just overpower the void.

One of the things that I have not been very good at is at calling a group done when I know we are not going to be sucessful in the hopes that people are learning.  I have no problem farming a dungeon for gear when the party knows what we are doing, but wiping over and over because it is the daily makes no sense to me.  The 20g that you might get from the quest does not make up for the 40g in repair.

The thing that I am very guilty about is not going to an instance that I know we are going to wipe at… mostly because of lack of knowledge by everyone, but in great part because I just have not had any fun when I have gone.  I recently tanked a non heroic Azjol-Nerub for a group, and even thought we pwned the place I got no pleasure from it.  I have not done this one in heroic and I know I want to just for the achievement… but I keep on putting it off because I don’t want to spend the time learning everything about it and then passing on the knowledge for a place that I have no interest on.

I am looking forward to a lot of things with the duel spec that is coming up, but the one that I am probably looking forward to the most is being able to have my warrior speced DPS.  Going to an instance and being able to just DPS without having to lead will make going to Oculus, Old Kingdom and Azjol-Nerub that much better.

So what are some of your favorite or least favorite places to go to?


Thanks to Pug Checker you can see that I do not like any of the instances above. TH Nance from Alteracvolley.com

One thought on “Tanking only what I like.

  1. Actually Ahn Kahet, because you get 2 dailys. These days its quite the only heroic i do with my tank (and only if its daily heroic). Pretty neat gold and 5 emblems for like 20 trash groups and 3 bosses. HCoS i like because of the design, that instance never gets boring to me (the lengty talk at the beginning does, though). Least favourite place is of course Oculus heroic.. not to be found in there again since i have the achievement. Either dont like Ahn Kahet too much when with a random group, theres just too much in there that can go wrong with people who dont know the instance very well.

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