Raid Satisfaction

One of the tough things of running with a casual guild is that we are under no pressure to pwn.  Everyone has their own speed and casual is kind of a catch all between people that enjoy going on raids but only once in a while, and people that are serious raiders burned by the attitude that some raiding guilds have.  While our guild is extremely lucky to have talented people on every position, we do have some people that lag behind at times, but its all good.  It will take us a little longer to get into Naxx than I had originally expected but when we do it will make be that much better.  That said, we have probably more patience with low DPS or Heals than most people that raid would.

Last night I decided to do 25 man VOA.  It was probably 7 guildies and the rest were pugs, complete pugs because maybe because of the holiday weekend or Naxx everyone seemed to be busy.  So a couple of “serious” raiders show up to the group and from second one they start pushing.  I tried to ignore it, and even gave into starting with 23 while we waited for the next two.  First pull was ok, but we figured out that the other tank had dropped and I was pretty much the only tank.  Thankfully a guildie jumped in and we got to be Tank and OT.

We clear the trash while dropping and adding people after every trash mob it seemed.  Then we get to the boss.  I had a hard time just giving instructions and going over the plan because Mr “serious” raider would not shut up about the low DPS, and how he was healing and dpsing and blah, blah, blah.

I am getting tired of the, pull, pull, pull chatter.  We had about 5 DKs (which is another post, those agro stealing…) and the killing of the boss was a fail, not epic but a fail none the less.  There were several mistakes and I don’t think I could have saved it even if I was not rage starved.  Our healers did underperfom and Mr. Serious raider did double and tripple everyone on the healing charts.  He started to say how everyone had to leave bellow a certain DPS.  However, when he started calling people out, including my regular healer I’ve had enough.  I did ask him to be quiet, but he persisted on going off and being a huge DOT on the whole raid.  So I kicked the highest healer in the charts and one of his buddies followed.  We lost prolly 5 people but we quickly replaced everyone.

I started getting tells by Mr “serious” raiders about how dumb I was for kicking he highest healer in the raid, and how he does not run with scrubs.  More blah, blah, blah.

We took our time setting up the second try, added a good healer and good DPS.  We kept all the low DPS people, the same two tanks and heals.  We then proceeded to PWN like I  have not even with a serious raiding group in 25 man VOA.  I don’t think I’ve had as much fun in a raid before… and it was very satisfyign to send a tell to Mr “serious” raider, we just pwned without you, without attitude and without having to talk down to people.

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