We can use Pwn and Naxx

Last night our casual guild gears up to take on Naxx.  We have everything ready, both the main tank (I) and off tank (Honjuder) have been capped, our healers have been pugging and co-guilding with more hardcore raiders.  Our DPS are all outputting over 2K pew pew.

I have been too and studied the first two wings that we are going to attack first.  Arachnid wing seems like the simplest, the first boss is kind of a pain, but I have given everyone instructions, guides and most people already saw the content in one way or another.

We schedule the raid, pump everyone up, post on the forums, talk about reagents, etc, etc, etc.

Horde a crawling at the stone when we get there and people are all over the place.  So the off tank and I just hang on tight until the 25 man horde outside decides to go in.  We get out, no lock, so stone summons have to be.  Everyone gets together, they eat, exchange flasks, buff up… and then we pull… the little spiders wreck havoc on our party, they craw up in crevasses we did not even know we have.  We try again and clear the horrible group of little spiders, people are starting to talk about arachnophobia.  The we get to the first real pull… and we proceed to wipe, and then wipe again.

Ladies and gentleman, on our first attempt at Naxx we tried to Pwn 25 man with our 10 man casual raid.  You might think we are foolish, nope, just brave and overeager.  I was officially not the first one to figure out what happened.  Froto actually woke up in a cold sweat at 2 A.M. cursing my name when he realized what hit me first thing as I woke up this morning… darn it, I never took it off heroic!