FWM – Numero Dos

Here is another edition of the Friday WoW Meme!

1) Word Association

Vent ::

Young ::

Patch ::

Poison ::

2) What has been your favorite feature on the 3.1 Patch?

3) What is still not working that you think should?

4) List the servers you have toons on (or the first 5 if you are just that prolific) and how many toons you have there.

5) Do you have a toon in the other side?

Remember play and tag two people not in your blogroll!

2 thoughts on “FWM – Numero Dos

  1. vent: talk
    young: piglet
    patch: notes
    poison: daggers
    2) ulduar raiding!
    3) the ingame armor manager
    4) stormrage EU
    5) no

  2. vent: funny
    young: simple
    patch: delays
    poison: remove
    2) uh, respeccing so far
    3) dunno
    4) Blackhand(5), Azshara(6), Mug’thol(3), Muradin(2), and several others with 1 or 2 abandoned toons.
    5) yep (different server)

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