Break from Raiding

I think the next couple of weeks are going to be less full of WoW. Ever since the last patch it seems that I have been doing a lot less raiding and a lot more cleaning of my banks, selling stuff, etc.

While most serious raiders will be moving to conquer Ulduar, I do not have any hurry to step in there just yet. I still have not seen any of the new tournament content yet.

I am however looking forward to a new group of 40 – 60 toons that my friends are playing. I might actually have to play both my DK and Priest and get them all into dungeons and actually slow down the power leveling for more structured adventures.

Going into old dungeons with my 80 is a lot of fun, but I think enjoying the content for the levels that it was meant to is going to be even cooler. So in the coming weeks I might be going to Ulduar or even Naxx, but I will be enjoying content nonetheless, hopefully even getting better at the whole healing and DPS thing.

3 thoughts on “Break from Raiding

  1. When I hit lvl 55 hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll get the latest expansion. I’m looking forward to the new content that my higher level character will have access to.

    I’ve never been too concerned with power leveling because I have fun exploring, but it does get a bit lonely when everyone is in the 70s, going on raids and stuff.

  2. Definitely agree with you Daniel…way too many 70-80 toons in our guild, and no one down in the 60s or below to quest with.

    Logtar, definitely send me an email for planned gaming events with lower level characters. Melidor is a level 65 right now…

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