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With the return of the better half on hour celestial hunter team (Moon has not been able to do anything from being in dial up for almost a month) and the addition of DPS wizards Frotobaggings and smidgeon, we are shaping up a very solid 10 man group.

Hon has been working hard on switching from being a ret pally to tanking and last night we finally saw fruits out of the seeds we have been planting.

While most of us had been on pugs or with buddy guilds to Naxx, this was only the first time we actually downed a boss since our guild split. We have been gearing people up and this was the first time some of them had seen Naxx.

We cleaned trash mobs up to the first boss in the aracnid quarter like nobody’s business but then we had issues taking the boss down.

While it took us way longer than it probably should have, I think everyone that went learned that boss by heart now and there should never be an issue taking him down again.

Healers can find a pug a lot easier than tanks. Most raiding guilds have set tanks, so getting into 10 mans is very hard for someone just leveling up. Vault was truly not a training ground and 5 man dungeons are really not as conducive to learning “real” boss fights. Studying strats and watching videos is all nice and dandy but until the raid has been to a place, some of those mechanics just don’t click.

I am glad we stuck with it and got that boss down. While we might never burn through content like some others might, I think our progression is getting better. It was hard to lose key players in the past, but the “back ups” have stepped in. I never thought I would become a main tank since ours used to be so freaking good at it. I still miss being able to learn from him and ask him questions about tanking, but good riddance and even if its at a slower pace we will conquer the content.

One thought on “Back to Raiding

  1. I haven’t been on the last couple of days but, depending on how late I have to work this evening, I’m hoping to hit 57 today if I can get enough quest grinding done.

    Hopefully soon I’ll be a high enough level to go on some lower level raids!

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