Achievement Chasing

I’ve had achievement envy for a while.  I never purchased an Xbox, partly because its made by MicroSux and partly because the consoles I already own don’t get played much.  I have however admired the leader board aspect that was introduced with achievements on Xbox live.  It was very surprising that right before WotLK achievements were introduced.  In a sense I was like, whatever… but little by little it started sucking me in.

At first I figured that getting different achievements in different toons was going to be satisfying, but lately I want to just get everything on my main and then go to the other toons I have.  Exploration was a fun one and easy one to do.  Visiting all of the dungeons has also been fun, but in some cases it requires more people.  We are lucky to have a guild that still enjoys going back to see content that many never even knew exists (me included.)  I am even a little upset that with my cooking I messed up and sold a recipe that is only obtained via quest… someone told me that I could contact a GM and I might get it back… it might be worth a try to get the achievement for having every single recipe.

I am not more proud of my achievements than my gear, however it does feel more satisfying to get that little broadcast message once you have done something.  It also feels great helping other people get an achievment out of a dungeon you have figured out.  I have been fun getting all the Northren factions to exalted, but I think I am going to begin the questlines and try to get every single rep there.  I think when I originally leveled I did not get to savor all of the quests trying to hit 70 and become a tank, and with my other toons I follow almost the same patern… I know exactly where to go to level faster.  Maybe going and doing some of the old quest lines will be both quick and informative without the feeling of grinding for nothing.  So far, achievment gathering has been a lot more fun than I ever though it would be.

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