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The Light and How to Swing It: One heal or two

By Reviewer | January 10, 2011

Every week, WoW Insider brings you The Light and How to Swing It for holy, protection and retribution paladins. On Sundays, Chase Christian invites you to discuss the finer side of the paladin class: the holy specialization. Feel free to email Chase with any questions you want answered, like how to party with Thrall.

There’s no need to be ashamed. Many people have felt how you’re feeling right now. Let’s get it out in the open: You’re concerned about mana efficiency. Running out of mana is not a nightmare — it’s a reality. If you choose the wrong heals, your mana pool plummets. Being inefficient with your heals isn’t the status quo; it’s a death sentence. Mana went from our least important stat to our most thought-of concern.

I have been working on different techniques to refine my healing strategy within the confines of our new healing paradigm, and I have come up with a method for saving mana and maximizing your healing done. One of the mechanics that makes holy paladins unique from other healers is our talent Protector of the Innocent, while another is Beacon of Light. When we combine the two abilities, we can achieve far more healing than would normally be possible through the method of splitting holy power points.

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